Self-Publishing Course: Create a Top 10 List

To establish your authority on a subject, create a Top 10 list related to the content you’ve shared in the major blog post you wrote (Lesson 1).

Top 10 Self-Publishing Articles on the BookMarketingBestsellers website

Here are ten key articles to help you write, self-publish, and market your books.

Book Marketing Gems: How to Market a Self-Published Novel

Ebook Publishing: The Best Deal for Book Authors and Novelists?

Game Changers Interview John Kremer on the Advantages of Self-Publishing

Guy Kawasaki on Self-Publishing

How Do I Get My Books Published? Answer: You Self-Publish

M J Rose: Find 10 Readers Who Will Become Fans

Self-Publishing Resources: Ebook Listing and Book Review Websites

Self-Publishing Resources: The Top 200 Book Printers

Success Tips: How to Hire Smart When You Self-Publish

10 Tips to Write and Self-Publish Your First Ebook

A video featuring the best self-publishing tips and resources
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