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Self-Publishing Course: Create a Top 10 List

To establish your authority on a subject, create a Top 10 list related to the content you’ve shared in the major blog post you wrote (Lesson 1). Top 10 Self-Publishing Articles on the BookMarketingBestsellers website Here are ten key articles to help you write, self-publish, and market your books. Book Marketing Gems: How to Market […]

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Always include a graphic with your blog post or podcast episode: a pretty picture, a funny GIF, a popular meme, a quotegraphic, a tipographic, an infographic, a cute dog, a book cover.

Self-Publishing Course: 5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success

Are you thinking of self-publishing a book? Do you want to be successful as a self-publisher? Would you like to self-publish a bestselling book? If you answer yes to any of these questions, here are five keys to self-publishing success. 1. Write a Great Book Write a readable, entertaining, informative, inspirational, great book. That’s your job […]

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