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5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success slideshow

Self-Publishing Course: Create a SlideShare

To establish your authority on a subject, create a slideshow featuring the key tips you’ve shared in the major blog post you wrote (Lesson 1) that can be shared on other people’s websites and social networks. Here is the transcript for the 5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success slideshow: Slide 15 Keys to Self-Publishing Success with […]

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Always include a graphic with your blog post or podcast episode: a pretty picture, a funny GIF, a popular meme, a quotegraphic, a tipographic, an infographic, a cute dog, a book cover.

Self-Publishing Course: 5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success

Are you thinking of self-publishing a book? Do you want to be successful as a self-publisher? Would you like to self-publish a bestselling book? If you answer yes to any of these questions, here are five keys to self-publishing success. 1. Write a Great Book Write a readable, entertaining, informative, inspirational, great book. That’s your job […]

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