Happy New Year from Snoopy and John!

Happy New Year! May You Have a Blessed New Year from Snoopy and John Kremer!

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Become an Authority on Any Topic

Would you like to become an authority on a topic of your choice? What do you have to do to become an authority? SImple: You write a book on that topic. Would you like to become an authority on your topic—and do it within ten days from today? Then hire me to write a book […]

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The Book Marketing Success podcast

The Book Marketing Success Podcast!

John Kremer share stories of real-life book authors who have marketed their books in innovative, fun, and money-making ways. He talks about bestseller strategies, licensing subsidiary rights, creating large Internet tribes, social networking for book sales and prestige, and ultimately selling a lot of books. These stories are short, sweet, practical, inspirational, and doable by […]

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